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✰ thinker acc for jun + the8 ✰

-i just talk abt how much i love junhui and minghao
-i post fanart!
-u can request doodles or ask me stuff on curiouscat
-no scheduled tweets
-not an update/archive acc
-i often go inactive for periods of time but dw i’m just busy/tired
-i try to follow back every svt related thinker! if i forget/miss ur acc u can just dm to remind me

-predebut pics
-rps (real person shipping)/rpf

✰ about admin ✰

main acc is @svtwlw

✰ art faq and policy ✰

1. q: anyplace where i can view all ur work?
a: i have an art moment! i update it inconsistently though bc moments only work on desktop and i’m rarely on it.

2. q: what do u draw with?
a: unless it’s traditional then 99% of my digital work is done on the app ‘procreate.’ i mainly sketch with the default brush ‘hb pencil,’ and then flat color with random paper textures

3. q: can i request a doodle?
a: my curiouscat is always open! it may take me a while to fulfill it, and there might even be a chance i completely forget and just never do it

4. q: can i repost/reshare ur work, even with credit?
a: look at my policies below!

-pls don’t qrt art, especially priv qrt. i don’t mind as much if it’s mutuals/friends, but pls keep in mind it’s common art etiquette to not qrt bc it detracts interactions from the original art post.
-saving my art is alright, but pls do not repost it separately, especially without credit. i’m fine if ppl use my art for pfps, headers, etc as long as u ask me first and credit me too. i don’t watermark my work and i rlly don’t want the tipping point to be because of art theft!